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Locksmith Training

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Locksmith Training

We are working auto locksmiths, an offer a range of training from basic vehicle opening, through to advanced immobiliser eeprom programming.

We will teach you what you need to know and because we are working locksmiths this will be the real world, with the real problems you will face. We are not trying to sell you lots of equipment and have no tie ups with a particular manufacturer, this means you will get unbiased opinions and a better idea of what a tool really does, or more to the point what it does not do.

If you are just entering the car locksmith market and want to learn about vehicle opening, basic key programming, car key cutting, or lost key situations, we can provide training tailored to your individual needs.

If your more advanced and want to start soldering, doing eeprom work, reading chips in circuit, again we can teach you the techniques, along with helping you make decisions about what equipment to buy.

Before you know it you will be removing chips from control units, reading dumps from them, preparing transponders, and soldering the micro chips back to the circuit board.

We have most of the tools you are likely to come across in this business so can offer you training on a specific tool if you require, that could be Abrites AVDI, Zedful, Smart Pro, VVDI, Smok, Miraclone, Xtool, Tango, Orange 5, Xprog, Otosys, Autel, to name just a few and main dealer tools too.

May be you need some help with the business side, websites, social media, and marketing, we can help with this too … i’m not saying that we are guru’s but we can save you money by teaching you how to do this for yourself and not paying a fortune to someone else.

For Auto Locksmith training we can offer far more than our competitors, we do the real world work everyday and we know that every day is a school day. The problems you will have we will most likely have already had, and we have had to find a solution to those problems.

If you would like to talk further call us 07857 086142.