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Auto Locksmith Services

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Auto Locksmith Services

If you have locked your key in the car, we can gain entry to your vehicle with no damage, we do this by using special lock picks to manipulate the inners of your vehicles lock, essentially to mimic the original key.

Opening the lock this way means no damage to your vehicle unlike the recovery companies that prize the top of you door open to then use rods to pull door a handle. This method is highly likely to cause damage, and it is unlikely to succeed in opening the vehicle as most modern day vehicle ‘deadlock’, this is to stop this type of entry.

Recovery companies recover your car in the event of a breakdown, the are not locksmiths, would you trust a bricklayer to install your hard drive on your computer? If you are locked out of your car you need a AUTO LOCKSMITH.

Our services also include replacement locks and ignition barrels if they are faulty, and we can prepare replacement keys for damaged or broken keys.

if you need an auto locksmith give us a call 07857 086142.