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Locksmith Newmarket

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Locksmith Newmarket

If you have locked yourself out of your car or locked your keys in the car, in Newmarket we have a local locksmith. We are able to gain access to any vehicle and recover your car keys, even if you have locked them in the boot.

As locksmiths we open your car, van or truck, without damage, we have specialist lock picks that enable us to manipulate your vehicle lock and mimic your car key to open it … absolutely no damage !

A recovery company on the other hand try to gain access by bending the top of your door out and then inserting rods through the gat to try and pull a door handle inside the car. This has two major problems, firstly scratches to your paint work and the door has to be bent back afterwards. Secondly this is a well out dated method that rarely works these days due to modern cars deadlocking, this deadlocking was designed to stop this type of entry.

you wouldn’t as a mechanic to do your plumbing, so why would you get a recovery company to do the job of a locksmith?

If you would like to talk to a Newmarket locksmith call on 07857 086142.