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Kia Key Replacement

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Kia Key Replacement

We can provide replacement car keys for the range of Kia vehicles, this could be as a spare car key, or if you have lost, or have a broken car key. We carry the vast majority of Kia keys in stock, this means we can offer you a replacement car key TODAY!

As mobile locksmiths we have everything on board our vans to cut and program your new key, plus we do this at your location. This could be anywhere, at the roadside if you have lost your key, may be at your work for a spare key so you can carry on working while we make your key, or possibly at home … you can carry on with the things you need to do instead of wasting your time going backwards and forwards to the dealer.

It is very common that Kia keys break around the point that the key flips out, we can supply an uprated key that is stronger the the original to reduce the likelyhood of this happening again.

if you need a Kia key give us a call 07857 085142 and talk to a locksmith.