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Immobiliser Testing

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Immobiliser Testing

As specialists in immobiliser’s we are not only able to program them but also carry out in depth diagnostics and immobiliser testing. We have both the experience and the equipment that allows us to fully test all components in the immobiliser system. These tests are more in depth than any main dealer can offer and they can be carried out on or off the vehicle.

Vehicle electronic systems are highly complex, and the immobiliser system is integrated in to many components on the vehicle, what you see in the movies getting a couple or wires and touching them together is not going to start your car and in reality its highly like to damage computers on your car.

If you have an immobiliser or think you have an issue with your vehicle immobiliser system, you need professional diagnostics, guess work, trial and error, or pub diagnostics is not the answer. When dealing with electronic units and fault testing the only correct approach is you use measurement and testing, and this requires suitable equipment plus the expertise.

If you have an immobiliser issue or problem give us a call 07857 086142 we can give you the information you need to make an informed descision.