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Replacement Car Keys

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Replacement Car Keys

We are auto locksmiths so we specialize in vehicle keys, we have the tools and experience to cut and program replacement car, van or truck keys even if you have lost your car key.

We are also mobile locksmiths our vans are equipped with everything needed to complete the job on site, where ever that may be, it could be at your home … work … or stuck in a car park, it makes no difference to us.

Examples of typical everyday replacement car keys

we stock a vast range of keys and remote central locking fobs its highly likely we can offer you a replacement car key today, no trip to the main dealer and most certainly no waiting for weeks for a key to arrive. We are always being asked what cars do you cover? and the answer is always the same … We cover all makes and models of car van or truck however some are more straight forward than others to do.

If you need a replacement car key call us & speak directly to an experienced locksmith 07857 086142.