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Keys Locked in the Car

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Keys Locked in the Car

As specialist auto locksmiths we come across this every day so don’t panic. If you have locked your key in the car or the boot we can open it with no damage. We are trained and have special lock picks designed to fit your cars lock, this enables us to manipulate the cars door lock open as if we were using the correct car key. Absolutely no damage to you car just the vehicle open and your car keys back in your hand.

Can you open any car ?

Yes we can gain entry to all makes and models of car van or truck, if your car key worked in the door lock we will open it. and if your door lock is damage or broken we will have other means of access.

what about my recovery company will they open my car ?

Its understandable you might think your recovery can open your car … and in the old days they did, however the days of prizing the top of your door (and bending it!!!) then putting a rod inside the car fishing for the door handle to pull are long gone. Modern cars deadlock this means the inside door handles, locks and windows are disabled so all they will end up doing is bending your door scratching the inside of your car and the paintwork …. finally they will call a locksmith, save yourself the damage your your car and the waiting around get the job done by a professional.

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